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ISBN 1-886864-03-9

ISBN 1-886864-17-9

Have you ever known a child to look at another and wish to have eyes, hair, clothes, etc. like that other child? Of course you have! Here are books that help children treasure their own uniqueness while valuing that of others.

Counting and more: As your young readers follow this story, they count from one little tulip and two little bluebirds to nine little girls and ten little boys. Along the way, all in the story except the children wish to be different from what they are. They see the abilities and gifts of others and envy them.

A wise old owl teaches them that all of nature is special just as created—and that means they’re special, too! They don’t have to be like someone else, but just to try to be the best self possible.

As the story counts back down, all are happy to be who they are. As your children read, they’ll find many number combinations. For example, there are three rabbits in the grass and five on the path, which makes a total of eight bunnies. If three of the ten little boys are walking on the fence then seven are on the path. It’s a fun way to help children develop counting and other skills with numbers.

*1-2-3, And God Made Me! adds the powerful concept that each was created by God to be unique and wonderful.

You get a collection of magnificent art. Donna Brooks illustrated the book by painting twenty-nine vibrant, full-color, oil-on canvas scenes.

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“The beautiful, eye-catching art by Donna Brooks will capture the hearts of children and adults alike.”       Cathy Rau, Media Assistant, Sam Case Elementary School, Newport, OR

“This book simply but beautifully illustrates the gratitude each person should have for his own uniqueness. It will build self-esteem and help children accept differences in others.”                      Willard Tate, author of Habits of a Loving Heart

The inside back of each book has a letter to parents and others who are involved with children. It tells how you can make the best use of the book and also discusses ways to involve children in read-aloud activities and techniques for create a love of reading.

“This delightful counting book teaches children to value themselves for who they are in God's eyes and not to want to be who and what they’re not. In a fun, whimsical way, the authors present this message to animals, flowers, and children through a wise old owl”.           Susan Titus Osborn, author of 27 books and director of the Christian Communicator Manuscript Critique Service.

"I love it! This book teaches children to value themselves just as God made them. That's important in a world where each child's individual unique-ness is too often overlooked."           Jodi Thompson, Christian Day-Care Provider, Brodhead, WI

“A beautiful and powerful message! ... As children realize they are God’s special handiwork, they grow in respect for themselves and for each other.” Teresa Scott, Principal, Muhlenberg County Christian Academy, Central City, KY

"1-2-3, And God Made ME!" is a delightful way of hearing afresh the age-old lesson of contentment. In colorful pictures and simple, direct language, Hauser, Smith, and Brooks remind us, adults and children alike, that God made everything--including us--and called it "good."             Thom Lemmons, author, Jabez – The Novel

“1-2-3, And God Made ME! makes my heart sing. It is a beautiful reminder that to be thought of as “good” by GOD is enough!”           Shelly Mecum, author, GOD’S PHOTO ALBUM

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